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Technical Analysis
We offer expert analysis, consultation and testimony in the following areas:
  • Visual and scenic resources/aesthetics, including preparation of visual simulations for before/after photographic simulation of project development and landscaping or other screening efforts. We offer analysis and simulations for use in CEQA and NEPA compliance documentation, for public relations and outreach efforts, and for architects and others who need scale-correct simulations of landscapes and building sites. 
  • Noise and vibration analysis, including monitoring and analysis of airborne sound levels and structure-borne vibration. We conduct pre- and post-construction sound level monitoring and noise and vibration analysis to document permit compliance, and also to address post-construction noise and vibration complaints and problems. We have extensive experience in identifying noise and vibration sources and crafting attenuation measures to reduce or eliminate the source.
  • Land use, including analysis of compatibility with local planning and zoning requirements, coastal zone requirements, and floodplain and earthquake zone requirements.
  • Recreation, including effects of projects and resource management plans on a wide range of recreational activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, equestrian, off-road vehicle use, hunting, fishing, whitewater rafting and kayaking, and other activities. 
  • Public services, including assessing the effects of project or program implementation on firefighting, law enforcement, and emergency and long-term medical services, as well as on schools, parks and other governmental services. 
  • Utilities/service systems, including assessments of project demands on water supply, storm water, wastewater, natural gas, electricity, waste disposal and landfill services, and of potential environmental impacts of constructing new facilities to meet project demand.
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